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Floral Service

A wide range floral - delivery completely free - ribbon with custom registration ... ect

To meet the wishes of the family and its partners, CMPF also created CMPF FLOWERS

Since the centralization of orders to transport flowers at all stages of the convoy, CMPF offers a true floral service. able to translate elegantly emotion and feelings.

Knowing that flowers , whether natural or artificial are the best way to support the most important moments of life and an essential element for remembrance and tribute, CMPF FLOWERS has established a floral service providing a range range of natural, artificial flowers and plants .

  • The CMPF FLOWERS has shops for the manufacture and delivery of flowers and offer families the opportunity to compose the patterns and colors of their choice.
  • The CMPF FLOWERS, brings you advice depending on the circumstances and feelings to express.

For moments of grief , flowers console and also allow you to share feelings

 «The favorite flowers of the deceased as a sign , a conniving beyond of absence»

For the memory

A variety of floral species is offered to them according to the seasons .

  • Toussaint (chrysanthemum ... )
  • Flowering graves ...

For joy

  • Organizing parties .
  • Car decoration .
  • Room decoration party or conference.
  • Marriage.
  • Birth.
  • Birthday

The CMPF flowers can also provide composition of artificial flowers .

A variety available and ready to wear.