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Christian funeral service

In the field of funeral for non-Muslims, families, insurance agencies, audience, consulate or embassy of the country of origin of the deceased, will not have to worry.

The CMPF provides the following services:


Burial can be performed in the ground or in a vault (concrete
structure that prevents contact of the earth with the coffin). Any person receiving a concession family can be buried, regardless of domicile or place of his death.

Details of the service:

CMPF supports:

  • Welcoming families
  • The realization of all your paperwork
  • Customizing the funeral (car, carrier, master of ceremonies)
  • Transportation in Morocco and abroad
  • The deaths assistance and repatriation worldwide
  • Care conservation
  • Burial, cremation or exhumation
  • Achieving vault in 48h
  • The choice of caskets (coffins range approved for air transport)
  • The choice of natural and artificial flowers

In addition, the family owns a concession or not, The CMPF is responsible steps to the entombment and burial. The only documents requested families are the identification of the deceased, and possibly a proxy documents relating to the cemetery and we do the rest.

  • Authorization for burial,
  • Providing the coffin at the choice of the family,
  • Placed in the coffin,
  • The minutes of closing of the coffin,
  • Obtaining the burial permit
  • Death certificates,
  • The purchase of concession in case of need,
  • Construction of cellar
  • Providing the tombstone.


For all exhumations, we also requérons a minimum of room to carry out the various steps. A specialized team is delegated to deal with the exhumation of the entombment - sometimes with reduced coffins and the reburial of the remains.

In case of transfer abroad, we take care of the organization of the transfer. Our teams carry out exhumations are of a special suit which is then disinfected.

Repatriation of remains

The Loss of a dear in a foreign country is particularly painful that disturbing the CMPF is aware of this state of affairs, offers a specific funeral assistance for the organization of the different phases of repatriation of bodies:

  • Funeral.
  • Transcript of deaths at the consulate.
  • Obtaining death certificates for the succession to the consulate and the Moroccan authorities.
  • Relationship with the deceased's family in Morocco and abroad
  • Supported by an advisor throughout the different stages of repatriation.
  • Coordination between the different stakeholders.

Additional services are also available:

  • Repatriation of personal effects
  • Ticket reservation (s)
  • Hotel booking, taxi etc. ...

Many aid agencies and Moroccan and foreign insurance chose to entrust the execution of CMPF funeral benefit their policyholders.


A monument is a landmark for the families of the deceased. To honor their memory it involve the expertise of the CMPF for the installation of a monument, we are available to advise and serve.

We offer a wide selection and follow their instructions:

  • Choice monument.
  • Etching.
  • material

To select a funeral monument, we offer a range of choices and according to many criteria: color, shape, engraving and of course the price.

The range of activities of the company is entirely based on the services requested in the cemetery but also in terms of implementation and restoration of memorials.

Our job is not just to ask monuments. We also:

All work graveyard

  • vaults
  • Creating memorials
  • etching
  • planter
  • vase
  • Sale of funeral items
  • Marble
  • Maintenance of graves
  • Upgrading monuments
  • the flowering
  • Ordering and delivery of various plates and souvenirs
  • Repair and engraving (polishing, polishing ... etc)

A one-time or regular dates to anniversaries, religious festivals, symbolic dates, you can entrust your different jobs. We can also offer maintenance contracts of monuments.