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Medical Assistance

In case of injury or illness, a simple phone call and at any time, The CMPF occurs:

  • Transfer to a care facility near
  • Repatriation with a medical team - doctor and / or nurse (AD) - if the situation requires
  • Counseling in cases of traumatic event

For non-emergency cases, the CMPF at the request of families seeking medical responders

  • Nurses, nurses.
  • Stakeholders paramedics.
  • The CMPF ensures the presence of one or more ambulances and a medical team during the entire duration of the event.
  • If necessary CMPF The Organization shall locoregional evacuation or repatriation if necessary.
  • The CMPF is also contracted with several companies and organization for the immediate medical care of sick or injured AMBULANCE on their website.